Get new skills

  Turn your skills into digital assets

Turn your skills into digital assets

IMT Group offers a wide range of exciting opportunities for those looking for a new career or wish to start their own business.

There are various options that we offer to help entrepreneurs and small businesses.

IMT Group is a team of professionals focussed on supporting Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

We offer flexible services and business models to both Thai and foreign companies,

  Sprout account executive (AE)

Sprout account executive (AE)

Sprout account executive (AE) is a service designed to help Thai businesses grow and entrepreneurs to gain experience by offering affordable business solutions.

We also offer these solutions to our member’s businesses as a more affordable way to help them succeed.

This is also an opportunity for individuals to find work based on the experience and qualifications they have to earn extra income.

  Sprout Franchise Opportunity

Sprout Franchise Opportunity

This is an offering for businesses and the  we provide include a comprehensive business opportunity as well as assistance.

Sprout Franchise Opportunity is a franchise based on the coop model and the access to the Sprout Members to help you build your own business.

It allows you to earn commissions on sales plus transactional fees, and also a fee for franchise membership introductions.

Sprout is a new concept with online, offline and hybrid sales of solutions and services originating from Thailand, and to be sold in locally or globally.

We have teamed up with many Thai businesses large and small and offer a growing portfolio of goods and services for sale to the end consumer and businesses.

Sprout franchise is ideal for bloggers, influencers or those who wish to start selling online or in our physical marketplace.

There are three main opportunity concepts


Sell our products and services already on offer in your digital shop.


Add your own products and services to our platform and sell those too.


Introduce new sellers to the Sprout platform, and get paid an introduction fee.

Franchise Business Model


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