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Professional Business Solutions

An Entrepreneur focused business network created by IMT Group, and its subsidiary, the Sprout Community’s Professional Business Center.

This network connects members to the best professional teams in the locations where associates need business consultation and support.

The network utilizes a proprietary social technology platform to help Sprout members research, contact, and rate the performance of their teams.

We focus on technology and creativity
to solve problems across different business categories and countries

A Digital Community Business Model

A Digital Community Business Model

When a startup matures to the point where it has a commercially attractive product, a clear and sizable market and a robust distribution channel, it has the opportunity to become a ‘scale-up’ — a world-changing company that touches millions or even billions of people.

How do startups evolve into scale-ups? In a word, by ’blitzscaling’.

What separates us from our competitors, and therefore our clients from theirs, is our ability to embed creative thinking into business realities.

We provide an end-to-end value oriented solution from vision through through to execution, including Business Strategy and Masterplan, Concept Design and Touch-Points Delivery.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

A fundamental architecture where the concepts are based on transparency and ethics, which means that people behave in a way that is fair, equal and balanced for all involved.

The co-operative business model combines the best of small business ownership and a corporation. It often includes local wealth creation based on community interests, like a Startup.

But it also provides governance, longevity and limited liability, like a corporation.

Business Architecture

Business Architecture

We help with brand defining transformations for top global companies and small niche players in a design-led approach to create meaningful and innovative customer experiences that lead to business success.

Our approach allows us to leverage both our strategic value as a business design partner as well as the inherent value of our multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.

We begin the process by researching and analyzing our business partner’s brand and amplification; the competitive environment and help them define their project program, capturing their vision and aspirations, transforming the project into an actionable plan.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

The fundamentals of the business opportunity rests at the intersection of the primary drivers of success; The people that drive desire with the technical aspects that facilitates both value creation and viability.

The solutions that emerge at the end of this process live at the intersection of the accounting system.

Our Entrepreneurs will be able to assist their clients in digital business transformation requirements. We have 300+ partners covering 50 accounting firms, 7 time zones and 5 continents.

Smart Visa (BOI)

Smart Visa (BOI)

  • 4-year visa
  • No work permit required for working with an entity or government agency. In case of changes of jobs, additional endorsements in accordance with the relevant requirements must be obtained.
  • 90-days reporting to Immigration at the One Stop Service Center extended to 1 year.
  • No re-entry permit required.
  • Spouse and children granted permission to stay in Thailand for the same duration as the Smart visa holder.
  • The spouse granted permission to work with no work permit required.
  • Access to a fast-track service at international airports in Thailand (where available).
Social Enterprise Benefits

Social Enterprise Benefits

Members are entitled to four types of benefits:

1. Grants or loans from the Promotion Fund

2. Preferential treatment in government procurement

3. Tax benefits including a corporate income tax exemption, and tax deductions, and less strict regulation in public offerings.

  • Have a social purpose
  • Have no less than 50 per cent of revenue from selling products or services
  • Reinvest no less than 70 per cent of profit for social purposes
  • Have good governance
Private Digital Assets

Private Digital Assets

A digital asset is anything that exists only in digital form such as NFTs and Crypto Currencies, and comes with a distinct usage purpose.

They are accepted by natural persons or legal  entities as a means of exchange or payment or are used for investment purposes and can be transferred, stored and traded electronically.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

As a Managed Securities Service Provider, we act as a trusted go-to partner to bring advanced expertise in the online environment.

Let us become an extension of your team, including seeking assistance with your local authorities.

  • We can protect against scammers and Criminal networks operating online
  • Data privacy Information – Know Your Client (KYC) , Vetting and Screening
  • We also provide a Risk Prevention Report – ROI (Negotiator)
Our goal is not to create the exact shape of the future or to promote a particular vision of that future, but rather to analyze the market and create trends

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